Standard Process Cleanse Day 11

Guess what?  Today is the day we get to start eating chicken and fish. Hooray, hooray!
Not much more to stay, so here is just a quick check-in.

Weight loss:  10.6. HOLY crap.
Any Cheating:  We ate chicken last night instead of waiting for today. Yeah—we are rebels.
Mood: Normalized.  Maybe even a tad better than normal. :)
Favorite food: Mushrooms and avocado.  And hummus.
Physical symptoms: Better sleep, and no more pain in my kidneys, clear skin and—ahem—weight loss.
Emotional symptoms:  Excited!  But mostly for the weight loss. Other times I just want a cupcake. Or pizza.
Have a great Friday.


  1. I've been thinking about a cleanse for awhile and I have to say this makes it sound very enticing! I love reading the stages as you go through them and hearing your thoughts. I may be emailing you to ask more about it...try not to tell me about all the bad stuff :)

  2. also...that was Christing GELATT. Not sure why it says Pettit. Rude!