Standard Process Cleanse Day 2

So what is this cleanse thing, you ask?

Allow me to break it down for you in ways the shiny pamphlet won't.  

For the first ten days of the cleanse you eat nothing but fruits and vegetables.  No cheese, no coffee, no sugar, no artificial anything.  You can also add in a 1/2 cup of brown rice or lentils to your diet if you would like.  Pretty sweet consolation prize, right?  I didn't think so either. 

For days 11-21, you can add chicken or fish.  All organic, mind you.

In addition to the food, each day, you should be drinking 2-3 protein shakes, which are provided for you in the kit, and some vitamins, which are also provided. There are quite a few vitamins and they don't taste awesome, but who cares-- all you're eating is ruffage, whats a few pills down the gullet?

As a general rule for the full 21 days, you should eat twice as many vegetables as you should fruit, and the majority of the vegetables should be raw.  Too bad, since my body HATES raw veggies.

Any other questions about how the cleanse works? Email me or leave a comment!

Day 2

Today was muuuuch better mood-wise.  I was on an even kiel more so than I was on day one.  That is not to say it was all sunshine and kittens.  There were times when I wanted to kick people in the head for no good reason, but that can happen with or without a cleanse. The only difference is while on the cleanse, even the thought of raising my leg to head height is exhausting. 

After work, I came home and tried a smoothie with banana. SUCCESS!  The constancy was no longer grainy, and it tasted more like a fruit smoothie than the hippie concoction it really is.

After the smoothie, A and I went for a run.  As soon as we stepped out the front door it started to rain. At .6 miles it was coming down in sheets.  We ended with only a mile run, but considering the thought of kicking people made me tired, a one mile run was plenty.

Dinner was much of the same from the night before.  I will need to find the energy to find different recipes, but....... 

Here's hoping I have more energy tomorrow!

Weight loss:  Too early to tell
Any Cheating:  I had some extra hummus today.  Again--lay off.
Mood: Pretty steady between sleepy and 'just gotta get through this'
Favorite food: Avocado and sweet potato. Not sure these are going to change the whole 21 days.
Physical symptoms: Headache, dizziness, nausea and sleepiness. I've heard these goes away soon.  
Emotional symptoms:  Lack of concentration.  


  1. Excuse my ignorance lovey, but at the end of 21 days this will have provided what benefit?? Besides the 10 days jail time you will do when you can no longer resist kicking someone in the head...

    1. Don't worry--I'll touch on that soon! :)

  2. Are you getting the 21 days of newsletters with recipes to try?

  3. i hope you still like avocados and sweet potatoes after this...otherwise, that might end up being the worst part!

    are you allowed to take tylenol or something for the-what i'm assuming are lack of-caffeine headaches?