Mountain Views

During vacation in North Carolina, the husband found a few hikes for us to do.  The first one was up to a defunct government "fire" watch tower. Lets be honest... it was a moonshine distillery watch tower. You say potato, I say mash liquor.

Looks like something from Lost, doesn't it?

Half way up. 

I swear I'd marry him again tomorrow.

By the time we got to the very top, my legs were shaking like crazy. This thing was HIGH. And lord only knows the last time its stability was checked. No hands was a big deal.

These are the mountains where Last of the Mohicans and The Hunger Games were filmed.  I'm nerd enough to enjoy that tidbit.

Jeff and the in-laws.

Another hike we did was to a waterfall called "Skinny dipping falls". Too bad the water was FREEZING.  I only dipped my fully clothed legs in.  

Oh, what's that? You want more photos of mountains? Lucky you.

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  1. Did you pass the Dharma Initiative truck on the way up to that tower?