30 Day Bikram Yoga Challenge -- Class #1

Getting pumped with Melissa before class #1

Class #1: 

I had not been to a bikram class in over a year and yeeeesh, I was nervous!  Nervous that I would not be able to complete the class; nervous that I would remain angry at the heat for the full 90 minutes; nervous that I would be embarrassed in front of the all the amazing yogis around me.

I was also consumed with thoughts of donning the scant workout gear.  You see, since the class is so hot, the name of the game is wearing as litttle as possible.  Which is totally fine when you look like a waif-ish ballerina, but not so much when you are built like me.  The good thing about bikram is that any such feelings of insecurity last for only for the first 5 minutes, or until staying alive takes over as the number one thought.

For this first class, I was lucky to have a friend join me.  I can get really squirrely about going into certain situations alone, and getting back into yoga was certainly one of those situations. 

During this first class, I had to take a knee a few times. I blame this on getting a little over zealous, and forgetting the way bikram can make you feel. I must remember in future classes that woozy is normal, and you just have to ride it out.  

By the end of the class I was glad I had come, but was ready to leave--which is fairly normal for me in regards to almost any physical activity.  

Day #2:

There was no day two, because I had no idea that I was going to be doing the 30 day challenge, and in general was not motivated enough to go back.   I know. LAME. 

Check back for day 3 & 4!

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