30 Day Bikram Challenge - Class #3

I've decided the hardest thing about bikram, is walking up the steps in the parking garage after class.  An activity that normally does nothing to me physically, now makes my legs feel like jell-o and my head throb like it is about to split open and spray rainbow colored brain matter onto the concrete walls.  But the climb up the steps also means that I am done for the day.  Oh, the joyous pain.

Class three was much less rage inducing than class two.  Hooray!  After class I treated myself to coconut water, and I felt like a million bucks after sucking it down.  Do I taste a tradition?

The hot room itself was pretty boring, but when I got into the (semi-nude) locker room, I realized that I actually knew someone.  We got to talking and she revealed that she was on class #99.  In a row.  Talk about some serious commitment.  She doled out words of encouragement about my 30 day challenge.  The pep talk did almost as much good for me as the coconut water.

Also during class #3, I tried to find out how many calories I was burning by wearing my calorie counting device. There are several different articles out there about bikram's calorie melting potential.  Some say you burn close to 1000, some say you burn very few.  I decided to wear my bodybugg to figure it out once and for all.

I rushed home after class to plug in the bodybugg and determine what kind of crazy burn I had just experienced.  The blessed thing said that I had only burnt 220 during the 90 minute class.  I knew it had to be wrong since I burn close to 300 just sitting on my tail for 90 minutes.  Theeeen I did some research.  Apparently it is too hot for the bodybugg to get a real calculation.  Too hot??  I'm too hot!! Grrrrrrr...

I don't like to do workouts without knowing their exact perks.  Why do them if you don't know what the precise benefit is right away, I ask you?

This workout = X cupcakes.  It's simple, really.  I like to call it instant grati-fat-cation.

So I guess I have to let it go and trust that bikram is a great workout, a great stamina builder, a great confidence builder, a great way to spend 90 minutes a day. Forget the exact numbers and calculations. Breeeeeathe.

Why can't I just do the work out and not learn a freaking lesson? Ohhh yoga.

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