Bikram Yoga 30 day Challenge

Can I, a 27 year chubster, complete a 30 day bikram yoga challenge?  I'm sure gonna try.

Bikram Yoga: 90 minutes yoga classes that consist of the same series of 26 postures done in a room heated to 105°F with a humidity of 40%. Hotter than Hades.
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Earlier this month, I purchased a groupon good for thirty days of unlimited bikram yoga.  After a few days of back to back classes, I'm considering going headlong into a 30 day challenge.  I'm starting to think I can do it!  And in the same (pranayama) breath, I'm pretty sure I can't.  

The idea behind the 30 day challenge is pretty simple.  Complete 30 classes in 30 days, and win a life time supply of bragging rights and questions regarding your sanity.  If you happen to miss a day, you simply do two classes in one day to make up for it.  It's supposed to be transformative of both the mind and body.  

Personally, I am doing it because I love a (seemingly) insurmountable quest.  I'm very hobbit-ish like that.  

I also love a good list, so here is a pro/con list I've complied for this epic journey of sweat. 

Pros for doing the 30 day challenge:

-I like having a goal and working towards it.
-It's a killer workout.
-The people in class are actually really cool. Not just dirty hippies who take yoga too seriously.
-I feel super bendy during class.
-After class I float on a yoga cloud all the way back to my car.
-My legs are getting so strong!
-Post work out coconut water.  Yum.


-It's 103 degrees.  Was that made clear?
-So. Much. Laundry.
-There is sweat EVERYWHERE.  The worst is when it gets in my eyes and/or up my nose. 
-Every class is 90 minutes.  It's quite the time consuming hobby.
-When I say it's 103 degrees, that's just on a good day. Some classes get out of control and have been known to go up to 110.
-I can sometimes smell the studio in my hair.  It has been washed, but the smell... it sticks around. 

Stick around for what I am sure will be a rather ridiculous and spandex laden adventure. 


  1. this sounds absolutely awful. I mean, have fun!!

  2. Thanks for share it. I love bikram yoga so much. I know the benefit of yoga. We can learn more about it by online.