Busy- as told by my iPhone

Boy oh boy oh boy, this is been one busy season in my life! Right now I am sitting on the couch doing nothing. So it feels a bit odd to be telling you about how busy I am. So what have I been doing?

1) My sister got married. Holy crap, she was the most gorgeous bride EVER.  I'm not kidding, she was the most beautiful bride I've ever seen in real life. There were lots of parties leading up to the big event that kept me happily busy.
Decorating the trellis the day before the wedding!
My parents were jazzed.

Busted my chin while doing the worm.  Second worm in two weddings.
I've officially retired the move.

2) I went to visit my BFF in Tennessee! It was a quick trip, but we were able to talk a ton, giggle even more, and hang out with her sweet boys, and hilarious husband.

Moonshine?  When in Rome...

3) I've been working.  "Mandatory" overtime rocks. :)  And no, I'm not kidding. I actually kind of like working overtime (read: I like time and a half in my paycheck).

Yeah. I have a stand up desk. I look like a total tool at work.

4) I've been taking pictures of cows.  Ok, so it's not really a thing I'm doing, per say, but it did happen the other day and it felt preeeeeetty note worthy.

5) I've gotten to babysit these sweet boys!


Duncan and Whit!

6) I went to visit my alma mater. Most of the glory spots still stand, these five years after I graduated.

My old dorm!
The best pizza ever. I wish I was kidding.

BCM!  Yes, these are all iPhone drive by shots
First place I smooched my husband.

7) And the thing that keeps me the busiest of all is of course loving on this one...

 Good day.

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  1. Don't retire the worm! It was one of the highlights of my wedding. :)