Terra and Alan - Part 2

Dear Terra and Alan,
I can't stop blogging about your wedding! You can tell how in love you are with a mere photo.  That's some powerful stuff.

I really love the both of you, and I am sorry for doing the worm at your wedding. SIKE.  Your bridal party totally made me do it. I'm still sorry it happened. :)

again... so sorry.


  1. Bahahahaha! Yes, oh yes, you did the worm!

    Dude, these pictures are amazing! I am so proud of you!

  2. GREAT way to start it off strong with those gorgeous flowers--the depth there is killah!
    And the black and white of him spinning her on the dance floor--they movement blur and the way she has her head back laughing is MAGIC!

  3. how splendidly beautiful! you do such a great job of capturing beautiful, emotional moments, robin!