Take that, cherry coke.

"Whatcha writing", my husband asked.  

"My blog", I responded.

Husband: Why?  Do you have a story to tell?

Me: Sure don't. 

Husband: Then why do you do it?

Me: Because I like it.

Husband: You should tell them the story of how you threw away my cherry coke tonight.

Me: Should I?

Husband: No.

In unrelated news, Jeff cut off all of his facial hair. This is only the third time in the seven years I have seen his chin.

Unfortunately, this most recent shave has reduced his strength to that of only one mortal man.

Bummer.  I really wanted to watch him toss around tractor trailers this weekend. 

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  1. I could hear every word. It was like I was there. It's fun at your house - I like it there!