Grey Tank Top

Best buddies

At my old job, there was a girl who could remember people’s outfits. She would recall that you wore a pair of pants last Tuesday, or that cardigan a month ago.

Which for me was no good since I am notorious (??) for recycling outfits. And by recycling, I mean wearing the exact same thing on Monday that I do on Sunday. And in less clean news, I recycle jeans for days.

This type of recycling (although noted by Outfitface McGee) was fine when I worked in a place that regularly had 2-3 people in hoodies and flip flops. But now that I am in a less casual work place, I have not been re-jeaning.

However, my old ways have snuck back in with my grey tank top. 

There is something about this tank. It is crazy soft and holds the sweetest scent of my perfume. It is like my second skin. Which takes on a whole new meaning now that I have been wearing it for five days. No lie.

Monday I wore the grey tank top under my shirt to add length to my outfit. Tuesday I was in a hurry, and grabbed that same tank to wear under my dress in order to cover my rare, but welcome bazoomba cleve. Wednesday, I decided to make a game out of it, and wore the tank again. Thursday came and I could not break my streak! Friday came, and could I do it? Could the tank and I go all the way? All signs point to yes.

My name is Robin, and I cannot refuse a self-perpetrated contest.

Done and done.

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