Hey, Rodrigo

I felt called to post these videos of nephew #3, since his mother has somehow not posted on her blog for 10 months.  And you think I'm bad... Love you, Ali!

The first video of Elias being a complete and utter parrot.  Pay close attention to the tiny claw he makes when he talks.  That pointer finger has been in full force since the day he was born, and I love it.

This second video is another exhibit of the parroting.  You should know that in our family, at the end of every family night, the boys climb onto Nonni and Papa's bed to dance to music.  Each of them has their own set of moves and I delight in knowing I will embarrass them one day with these videos.  

When the music cuts off both of them point to the speaker closest to them to alert us to the fact that they are not done shaking their diapers.  Most of the time we agree, since we are not done watching.

Also of note; in my family the first lyrics of Brown Eyed Girl, are not "Hey where did we go", but rather "Hey Rodrigo".  Don't ask me why.  I just thought you should know. Take a listen. :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Oh my goodness - I love that little froggy voice! I hope it never changes. It might be awkward for him later in life but I'll still find it cute.

  2. Thanks Bean...this totally made my day! xoxo