Rescinding My Application

I feel like I have been lying to you.

I once blogged about being a part of the "adults" club.  However, in light of this weekend's events, I must rescind my application to this prestigious (if not slightly boring) group immediately.

Here's what went down.

Jeff and I bought a new vacuum this weekend. 

We saw a need to replace the one I bought for $30 when I was in college since it smelled like the cats my roommate had (over six years ago!) and hardly worked any more.  

Jeff had been researching for a while and eventually gave me the option of three to choose from. And by that, I hope you know I mean that I pretended to listen to him talk about each one and just picked the one I could tell he really wanted to get.  I'm learning.

We even used a coupon to buy it.  

What could be more adult than that?

Sadly, dear adult friends, we spent the first ten minutes of the new vacuum's life giggling like fools whilst suctioning various parts of each other's body.  

Not those body parts.  Well... some of those body parts.  :)

My favorite was the forehead. 

Don't give up on us.  We will become adults one day.

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  1. re: your comment on my blog.
    most amazing thing to say to someone ever. thank you!