Mighty fine Valentine

It was a non-traditional Valentine in my house.  Hubby dearest was out of town for the (silly) holiday.  Since I could not spend the day with my man, I spent it with some of my boys.  

Honestly, we are not Valentines day people.  I think it has something to do with the fact that we celebrate six major holidays in three moths.  

1) His birthday
2) Thanksgiving 
3) My birthday
4) Jesus' birthday
5) New Years
6) Our anniversary 

By February 14th, we are over it.   Not each other.  We're not over each other.  In fact, we kind of like each other. 

A lot.

Here is my Valentines day in picture form, featuring nephew #2 and #5.

Forgive my blur.  I was a little worried about Duncan hulking out.

Duncan made a valentine for his parents. He's got some great handwriting for a 2 year old.

Duncan was SO EXCITED to show his mom and dad his valentine. He stood at the top of the steps waiting for them. SO cute.

Hello Gorgeous

Sweet little family on Balbintines Day

New Baby.  He is starting to smile. Holy mess, he's a doll.

Can I just hang out with him all day?


I had a wonderful day. How was yours?

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