Questions and Statements Part II


- My handwriting changes constantly throughout the day.  Once second it is tall and thin, and the next it is messy and loopy.  Almost like I'm having mini-strokes.  That might be a rull problem.
- Last week I was running late, and my grizzly man helped me get me get my oversleeping hind out the door.  De-lightful man, isn't he? Best part- he did not say a single bad thing about my alarm ignoring ways until I got home that night.  Blamo.
- I have been noticing people around me start their sentences the exact same way each time they speak.  "So my question is..." "Let me tell you..." "I'm just trying to say..."  I wonder what mine is.  Don't tell me, please.


- Should I do any races this year? I was not planning on it, but I've gotten pretty chubbers again.  Perhaps a 10 miler is in my future.  Or bulimia.  Am I not supposed to joke about eating disorders?  Ooops.
- Why do I tend the fill the silence with information that is WAY too personal?  
- Can you see my nose hairs?
- Why can't I get out of bed on the first alarm? One morning last week I got up at 7:38 and I was out the door at 7:45.  That's just plan awesome irresponsible.
- Should a woman of 35 really say "ewww" to another person's lunch?  I'm sorry, ma'am, I forgot that we were in middle school.  Guess I'll have to go find my Nano Baby and smack you in the jowl with it.  
- Why does my stomach growl every time it is quiet in my training class? And why is it that said growl sounds more like a fart than anything else?  I guess that's why I feel the need to fill silences with overly personal information.  Super personal information or fake farts.  I guess you know which one I choose.

That's all I have for now. Leave me your statements and comments in the comments section!

Oh, and get excited for the next post.  It's all about this face and how he came into the world.  Hold onto your stirrups, its going to be a graphic ride.


  1. I've also perfected the art of getting out the door minutes after waking up. But still, 7 minutes....that has to be some sort of record. Also, I hate when my stomach growls/grumbles sound like farts.

  2. thoughts:
    -it takes me an hour to get out the door at 6am and two hours when I'm on night shift. Fail.
    -when I'm bored at work, I find myself telling hilariously embarrassing stories about myself to coworkers *(insert horrendous brazillian bikini wax nightmare here)
    -your mom was in my dream last night - holy random, Batman!
    And lastly, I can't wait to hear Whit's story since I've only heard Katie's paraphrased version muffled by snorts of laughter/apneic episodes as she recalls you and Megan telling it.

  3. aw, look at that face. so precious!
    and don't worry, my hand writing changes ALL the time. i don't know why!
    and i'm pretty sure i am incapable of getting out of bed on the first, second, or even third alarm sound. i'm definitely not a morning person, ha
    xo TJ

  4. I feel as though I may be to blame for your handwriting fickleness by pointing out its minor flaws during our adolescence. I was a crap-head and I apologize. I love your handwriting and am sorry for any stroke-induced variations to your penmanship I may have directly or indirectly caused.