The Fry Urge

Tonight was the first time in a LONG time that I have come home from work and had nothing to do. Granted, I could always be cleaning my house or plucking my Brooke Sheilds-esque eyebrows, but what I mean is that I did not have class or a work out. I had originally planned on being so productive. Instead I came home, thought about doing some yard work and instead watched 30 Rock. Seems like a great trade off to me.

Not working out made me super lazy, so when my husband got home and I asked him what he wanted for dinner, I was secretly hoping he would not request one of my amazing home cooked meals. What can I say? The man can't get enough of my of chicken, canned green beans and Velveta shells and cheese. All organic, mind you.

Jeff, being the mind reader he is, decided that he wanted to go out to eat. Now, if you have ever been trying to loose weight you know that going out to eat can be the biggest pit fall of all time.

I swear I act like a 7 year old at her birthday party every time we go out to eat. I want an appetizer, and I want the chicken finger basket. And bring my crayons stat. Don't make me spill my chocolate milk.

Somehow I rationalize that it is ok- no, that I deserve to eat 2 entire portion of any thing that is fried. WHY IS THAT? It is so ridiculous, but it is something that I have had to confront about myself. And by confront, I mean write about it on my blog so that I can be embarrassed enough not to do it.

So tonight I went online before we went out to see if the restaurant had any low calorie options. When I got to there, the low cal menu options were not on the regular menu. Really? You can't put them there because you want me ask for it, don't you? You want me to get down on my double knees and grovel for your low cal menu. Is that what you want, Mark the Waiter?


So I did. Like an alcoholic asking for a virgin margarita, I asked for the menu with low calorie options. Oh... but wait, they didn't have any printed up. Fat people normally just grunt and point their sweaty fingers and the pretty pretty pictures of the pretty pretty cheeseburgers. I get it.

So Mark the waiter, who was surprisingly helpful for someone who is yet to know the pain of slowing metabolism, assisted me in putting together my own "smart eating" dish.

SIDE NOTE- Jeff and I did not go to dinner at 5:00, but there was still a shockingly high number of old foggies there. One sitting directly to my left decided that he was going to take off his shoes to at the dinner table. WHAT???? I can't wait to get old so that I can do crazy ish and get away with it. 10 bucks says he would have made a stink and yelled/whistled through his dentures about his bunions should someone have actually complained. Gross.

Any way- all in all it was a small victory for me, but I know I will always crave french fries. Even bad french fries are good french fries.

SIDE NOTE #2- for those of you (my aunt, my sisters, my mom, and NONE of my friends- topic for another time) who check this frequently, I am sorry for not posting. WORK IS CRAZY. I feel like I am scrapping by until the half marathon is over, or I until get fired.

SIDE NOTE #3- I am cutting off over 12 inches of my hair off tomorrow! No more redneck hair for me! I am donating to locks of Greene County, I mean love. Locks of Love. Check it out here. I'll post pictures tomorrow!


  1. Doll...the link is broken and I've been checking every day! Please post pics...xoxoxo