Caution: Too Much Information

Yeah yeah yeah, I ran a half marathon, I'll come back to that later.

For now I need to rant.

Why you ask? Because its between 6-8 on a Wednesday. WHY AM I NOT AT BIBLE STUDY? Oh that's right... I was at Bible study, but then I had an 'attack'.

I have no food allergies that I am aware of. No, I'm just not that lucky. I don't know what makes my body revolt against me. What I do know is that one iota of a sour tummy + one coffee/summer berry/cranberry chutney/dune grass scented candle and BOOM, I'm screwed. WHAT does 'Dune Grass' smell like any way???

How is it that I can run a half marathon and put my body through all sorts of crazy stress, but one sniff coffee flavored candle, one whiff Pomegranate Paradise reed defuser, one nostril of Nutty for Nutmeg air freshener and I am running for the edu de toilet. I need to invest in some nose plugs or some adult diapers because having to leave places because someone decides they want their house to smell good or because I accidentally walked down the wrong aisle at Hallmark, is getting incredibly annoying.

Why am I telling you this?

No seriously... why am I telling you this.

The only reason I can figure is because thinking about the topic for this ridiculous blog and bearing down on the steering wheel, was the only thing that was keeping me from making a mocha mess on my husband's leather car seats.



  1. that's unfortunate, friend :( try wearing a Scopalamine (motion sickness) patch behind your ear if you know you'll be in that kind of situation...key word...know...

  2. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahahahahaahahahaha omg robeano i love that you have not changed a BIT :)