Poseidon and a Dash of Hope

So it looks like we are running a half marathon on Sunday. That's cool I guess.

I can honestly say that I am more looking forward to the road trip with Lauren and Katie than I am for the race. Sunday at about 1:00pm is when I will still be totally stoked that I ran/completed a half marathon, and will still able to walk down stairs. Until then, I am a mess. I am completely emotional about this race.

It could be that I am pregnant. JUST KIDDING!!!

Its mostly because I am super uber duper burnt out. I have been training for a good 8-9 months straight and to top it off, work is a bit of a crazy mess.

What does not help my confidence was this little gem:

Lauren, Mom, Papa and I went to Richmond to help celebrate my sister, Katie's birthday. My little sister turned 24. Man I feel old. :)

While we were there we were walking around Short Pump and there was a store called C28. It stands for Colossians 2:8 which states that we are in this world but not of this world. Its a really neat store where all of the merchandise is faith based. While we were there I got a shirt that I am planning on wearing for the race. It says 'hope'.

My feelings towards this race exactly. Hopefully I won't die.

While we were checking out, the guy behind the counter who had been helping us out the whole time asked if he could pray for us. We said we would love it and that we needed prayer mostly for the race. He asked how far the race was and we told him it was a half marathon. He looked at me and asked if it was a walk/run.

I'm sorry little man, did you just judge me? Don't make me come over that counter! I am glad I had a wine buzz or else I would have erupted like Poseidon coming out of an angry sea.

We quickly told him that no, it was not a walk/run. It was a race run.

Now that I think about it, I am not too sure why I am offended. I will be walking part of it... but STILL!


Needless to say, my confidence has been shaken. But come Sunday evening I will be a half marathon COMPLETER. More than you can say, Frodo.

If I don't post before the race, I will be sure to post pictures of our half marathon adventure! Until then, please pray. Pray hard for endurance, safety and completion.

Love and peace. Oh and a dash of hope.

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