No more monkies jumping on the bed

So my mom called and she said I need to be nicer to myself on my blog.

I took a deep breath preparing myself to explain to my mother about the art of comedy, but first she interrupted me and told me that I could still be nice and make it funny. Well - I guess I'm just not that good. But Momma, here goes.

I've got good news! I'm skinny and fast and AMAZING at photography.

It might be best to stop reading here, Ma. :)

Ok- in all honesty, I am getting faster! I ran 5 miles tonight in under 53 minutes. A new personal best! I am just so pleased that I had a good run before this weekend's race. THIS WEEKEND!

The Monument Ave 10k is THIS THIS THIS weekend and I cannot wait!! Can you tell? Lauren and I will be going down to the expo on Friday night and then we will be having a slumping party with my other suster, Ali in her super awesome new house. Don't be jealous that you don't know what that means. And don't be dirty either.

Ugh... I am just rull antsy about getting the race started and over with. But mostly over with.

I have been thinking... what is going to happen to my blog once I am done with the 10k, 10 miler and half marathon? This race season has come so quickly that I had not really thought ... how can this blog sustain itself without stories of packing a size small shirt and standing in the gym's changing room stretching it for 20 minutes before I could come out? Or stories of accidentally leaving my workout pants at home, rendering me stranded with only a pair of jeans to run in? Holy chafing, Batman!

Oh dear...

I guess I will just have to come up with some other ridiculous goal that chubbsters are not supposed to accomplish. How about actually fitting into the size small shirt? Or perhaps going down slides at public parks.

In all reality I think I may just focus on my photography.

Oooooh speaking of photography- the engagement shoot this weekend was so fun! It was a BEA-utiful day in Hampton and I met my bride and groom outside of a coffee shop for a fun outdoor shoot. I love it when my couple shows up looking smokin' and these two were no exception. I should have a sneak peak up soon!

For now, it's off to bed to dream of the race. The finish lines, the unflattering tan lines, and back fat sweat lines.



  1. Not to worry, Robin...you have had an endless supply of funny for as long as you have been able to talk (remember "Water tower? Not any more! BLAM!!!") Funny is the way you interpret life. Which, by the way, will continue even beyond this race. There's always a race of some kind - look at it that way. I'm SO PROUD OF YOU!!!

  2. I'm not sure if I've ever been referred to as "smokin' "...

    You can definitely be my friend now. ;)