Hope and a Prayer

The past couple of weeks have felt more like a back slide than any remote form of progress. I did not run for one whole week due to a rouge nine miler that maimed my legs. Even though I have been back to running for part of a week now I am still mentally back to where I started. The days of Mrs. Running Fatty Fat Fatness. Everything is just so sluggish.

I really had had a break through in my mental mileage barrier. When starting out, I was only able to run one mile straight. Then I went up to two, and then three, and then three and a half, four and then finally four and a half. All the while my sister is upping hers by 7 miles each week. She's actually Amelia Erharted her way around the world. We lost her in the Bermuda Triangle. Shame.

After I got over the four and a half mile mental block I lost my nerve over two terrible nine milers. One sucked because my shoes were filled with concrete, and the second sucked because of the intense pain in both my shins and my hip.

So, now I am back to running. Good timing huh? 2 weeks until the 10k and 3 weeks until the 10 miler. Craaaaaaaaaap. Some times I am so excited my knees actually get weak. Then other times, I am so nervous I want to beat up my former self for signing up for these things. Did you know races cost money?? Yeah. The fact that I both signed up and paid makes me want to beat up my former self twice.

I just hope that my mental capability comes back in time for the races. I would hate to have to ride on my sister's back during that 10k, and on a stranger's back for the 10 miler. Scratch that. I would not hate to hitch a piggy back. THEY would hate to give me one.

The only reason I would pick on a stranger for the 10 miler is because Lauren and I are not running that one together. While we are both running it, we are not going to be in the same pace. The 10k we are running together because its cute and we thought it would be fun to use it as a practice for the big ole scary 10 miler.

I have decided that perhaps I will be running these races simply on a hope and a prayer. I am always going to be able to do SO much less on my own that I can through Christ. Plus, I decided to name my legs Hope and Prayer.

Upcoming blogs: More 10 Miler Tribulations and an Engagement session shot in Hampton, Va!


  1. Just keep on keeping on...it's the mental hurdle that's the toughest to jump. I love you - you're awesome.

  2. I think you underestimate the power of Hope and Prayer, especially when you're wearing socks. Unless you somehow fracture Hope while hurdling over other runners as you finish the last mile in 4 minutes, you definitely won't need to hitch a piggy back. Although that might be quite humorous to see!