Oh Hail No

After taking a short hiatus from running, I am picking back up to train for the Richmond half marathon. I really liked the course last year, and I especially liked the weather we have during the training; nice fall  afternoons, as opposed to the 4 miler, which entails training during the hot, humid, take any route in the shade- even if it's known to be a homeless hangout, summers of Virginia.  This is especially nice since I no longer belong to a gym, and will be forced to do all of my training outside.

Moving on... the Richmond half is in 9 weeks, thus commencing my first day of my training.  4 miles after work, I told myself yesterday.  NO excuses.

Too bad mother nature had some different ideas for what should happen around 5:00pm yesterday.  And none of these ideas included cardio of any kind.  Unless you count running from my car to my house, all the while imagining loosing an eye to a wayward piece of hail, and how I might make an eye patch look good.

As you can see form the pictures above, we were gifted with an unholy amount of hail.  So-  I will start tomororw.  Right? Right?
Someone call me around 5:00 tomorrow, and if I answer, yell at me.  Just yell terrible things in my ear about my gut, my third chin, and some scenario that includes me being found face down in a McDonalds bathroom 2 miles into the race.  Don't fail me, faithful blog readers.

Don't fail me like Mother Nature did yesterday.

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