Love letter to my juicer

Dear Juicer,
Ever since I watched a documentary about juicing I knew I needed you.  I wanted you in my home.

You're here. And you're amazing.  Your 30,000 RPMs are ferocious and strong, your pulp is dry and your juice is fantastic. Even if it makes me run to the bathroom after a comically short 10 minutes.  I feel so invigorated knowing my fruits and veggies are ingested so quickly and I can move onto the meat and starches I really love.

An apple, a cucumber, a carrot, kale, ginger. Yum.

You're the crowning glory of my kitchen.

Please don't ever leave me.


1 comment:

  1. Mmm/gross/can I try some?/I'm not sure kale is eatable. I have such conflicting emotions about your juicer!