Dirty Filthy Liar

I completed my 4 miles, I will have you know.  Even though no one called me to jeer me on.

But I lied. Oooooooh I lied.  I said that I was going to train for the half.  I'm not.

I wanted to because I was seeking the glory. I wanted to because my sister was doing it. I wanted to because I wanted to tell people I was training for it.

Well, all of those reasons are crap. Say it with me- CRAP!  And I realized that.  So, instead I am going to train for the 8k which happens the same day and time as the half.  That's what is so great about Richmond.  You can run the full marathon, the half marathon or the 8k, which is 4.9 miles.

This year, I am going to be the one at the end of the race cheering for my sister (since my race is significantly shorter) instead of the other way around. BLAMO.  Get excited.  I know I am.

In other unrelated news, I bought tickets to a needtobreathe concert and I could not be more excited.  Who is coming with me?

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  1. I am, Beanie - I'm coming with you to the concert. Whoot whoot!!