Lunch yes, break, no.

Yesterday was one of those days when nothing goes right.  Buuuh.

During my lunch break I figured I would go give blood.  I missed the last bloodmobile at work, and had been getting calls every night after I missing my standing appointment.  So out of sheer goodwill (and a bit of annoyance) I went to give blood.

Fighting backed up traffic, I eventually got to the blood donor location.  Scratch that. I arrived at the former location.  They had apparently moved without telling the donors.  Awesome.

At that point I was ready to draw blood myself, but instead I calmed down and called to cancel my appointment as it would have taken me the rest of my lunch break just to get to the dang place.

So instead of giving blood I figured that I would go get shoes for my friends upcoming wedding.  Fighting more traffic, but not caring as much, I drove to a popular shopping destination in town.  Since the students have left, this shopping center is much more accessible.  This pleased me.

I pulled into a prime spot, stepped out of my car with a spring in my step and walked up to the store.  There stood a pimple faced 15 year old. I was much too excited about my shoes to be bothered with whatever he was selling.  Until he said... "ummm 'mam?"

Shoot. I'm a 'mam.

"Yes silly little child?" I figured I would humor him.

"I can't let you in here.  The power is out."

Don't poke the bear young one.  DONT poke the bear.

My springy step was gone.  Time to get my sulk on.

I drove back to work hoping the black out that took the cash register at the store would somehow have taken out my work computer. No such luck.


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