Beyond a Birthday

I heard someone say once that by the time you turn 25 all of your habits are in place.  I certainly hope not.  I am now 25...

I really did not think that I would take it all that hard.  I felt it hit me 2 days before my birthday.

I am turning 25, I have some terrible habits still and I don't really know what I am doing with my life.

Commence freak out.

But I'm a little better now.  Now that it has come and gone and there is nothing I can do about it.  What I can do is thank all of the people who made it such a wonderful day.

The day before my birthday my entire family (except one brother-in-law, Dan) came together to celebrate.  Including husband and myself, it was 14 people. Glorious.

The whole gang went to a recreation of Bethlehem which was really special, but quite cold.  After we left the camels, carpenters and Roman guards, we went back to my eldest sister's house to eat dinner made by my husband. It was so nice to not have to cook or do anything. I just sat back, danced with my nephews, (check this out... he's quite the little groover) and drank wine.

After dinner came the great unveiling.  I opened cards and an amazing necklace from friend/sister, Mary Allison and her husband/brother-in-law, Ben.  Next, Jeff slid out a giant box.  I was sure that it was going to be something for photography, but the box was just a little too big.  Then I saw a plastic handle on the top.  Hmmmm...  looks more like a set of caphalon pans than anything else.  Caphalon pans would have been nice, but instead I got a honking new computer.  It is glorious.  I cried.

No seriously, I  sobbed.  I was crying so hard I was wiping snot on people and giving wet nasty kisses.  Every single member of my family pitched in, including my in laws who were not able to be there that night.  My husband organized it all and I can not tell you how much of a surprise it was, nor can I tell you how many hours I have spent on it so far.  It's embarrassing.

On the night before my actual birthday I was lucky enough to have accidentally turned off my cell phone so I got to sleep in.  Ohhh what a gift to myself!  After my mid-day awakening, Jeff and I went to get bagels... obviously.  Then I went to take my mother flowers, a little birthday tradition we have.  Think about it, what work did I do on that day?  Nothing. She's the one who deserves the gifts.

Speaking  of my mother, my Momma got tickets for us to do a candle light tour of Monticello on the night f my birthday!  It was amazing.  We even got to go into the rotunda room.  I don't think I will ever forget it.  After our dork fest we went to have dinner at my parent's house where my precious Papa had made me steak, potatoes (no sour cream) and broccoli.  Again, so many nice things done for me on my 25th.

The last gift I MUST mention was an amazing painting my good friend Kate did of my bridal portrait.  I had NO idea she was so good!  I am in awe of how much cooler she is than me. :)

In closing, thanks again to everyone who called, texted, facebooked, and visited.  I love you all.  Some more than others.

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