Richmond Half-Marathon :)

The above shirt highlights my feelings exactly.

Let's start at the beginning.  Since this was my second half marathon, there was a little bit more pressure to do well time-wise.  The runs leading up to the race were not going very well. Shin splints, lack of mental focus and an overall feeling of not wanting to be running.

When the run started I paced myself behind what looked to be a a group of sorority girls. They were running a really great pace and they were quite entertaining!  However, while I was running I started to realize I was having tummy problems.  Buuuuh.

At about mile 2 (yep, only 2 miles in) I decided it would be better to puke and get it out of my system than to suffer for 2 more miles.  As I was waiting in line for the bathroom I realized the grand flaw in my plan.  Ponder this for a moment... what could be worse than being face first in a porter potty?

I wasted about 4 minutes waiting for a potty break that would end up being no more than a pee stop.  At this time, I had lost the pack of Tri-Deltas or whatever they were, so I had no more entertainment. I did however have a lingering memory of a failed attempt to puke.  Pleasant. I know.

At mile 4 I began to feel worse and worse. It felt like at any moment I was going to 'exorcist' on the runners in front of me, and depending on how far my head spun, the people behind me as well.  I was sure that it was not the running, because I was on pace with my practice runs and I didn't puke then.  It was the feeling of eating something I should not have that morning. It was the same feeling I got at the 4 miler.  The race where I puked in front of children. Not my best moment.

Eventually I saw up the straight away that I was coming up on a crowd of cheerleaders and spectators, and knew that I did not want to ruin any more childrens lives with my little show.  I decided porter potty or not I was going to have to end this feeling so I ran into the bushes and started attempting to lurch.  The woman to my left at the time looked over in surprise.  I can tell you I was mor-ti-fied, but instead of hiding in shame, I looked at her and said "this is my worst nightmare".

I wanted to stop. I wanted to puke up whatever it was that was bothering me, and curl up on the sidewalk, pondering all the while if when the sweeper comes along, maybe they would collect my limp, puny, vomitrous body.

With another failed attempt to puke on the books, I hit the pavement.  One mile later I saw Lauren and Terra! It was inspiring to see them leaving the park as I entered.  The park loop was gorgeous! I thought that it would end sooner than it did (it ended up being over 3 mile) but it was nice to be in the shade and in the leaves. :)

After leaving the park, I got to cheer for some folks who were suffering more than I was and who were 3 miles behind me, but still moving! Which was the same spot where I saw Lauren and Terra, and I am sure they were having the same thing I was. :)

"Awww... they are so ______ (insert synonym for fat, slow or about to die)."

After leaving the park I really don't remember much until mile 10.  Or what I thought was 10 miles. Yep, I was on mile 9 and I thought I was on mile 10. I looked at my pace and was ASTONISHED at how well I was doing.  I knew that I had lost many minutes living "my worst nightmare", but I must have been flying during my black out miles.

When I realized I was really not all that mad. I knew that I had not done as well as I had wanted, but how can you be mad when you realize that you only have 3 miles?  Even if you thought you only had 2.1...

The best moment was when I came up to mile 12.6 or so.  I was booking it down the hill and I hear my name, well my nick name, being yelled by three people. I looked over to my left and I saw my sister Megan, who had run the 8k, my sister Alison,  my friend Jessica (whose husband ran the marathon!) and my nephew, Duncan!  They were holding an amazing sign made by my other sister Katie. It was a real family affair. :) Needless to say I am out of breath, out of energy, flopping downhill and sobbing. Not a cute site!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Regardless, I got to the finish line and heard even more people cheering!  When you run a race there is nothing better than the sound of people cheering for you. Although at mile 2 the best sound may have been me actually vomiting.  ANY WAY...

When I got to the finish line, Megan, Alison, Lauren, Terra, Jessica, Duncan, My mother and father-in-law, my sister-in-law, two nephews and my husband were there.  Can you say celebration??  We even got the super cool nasa blankets.  I felt like a rockstar.  A rockstar who still had to puke.  So I did.  On the side of 95.  Better late than never?

Just like this blog. :)

Oh and here's an update for you- I have put my name in for the New York Marathon.  I find out in April if I am in or not.  Wish me luck?  Yeah, that one.

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  1. Hahaha! I love it! You did great, sister! Congratulations on another half marathon under your belt!