Happy New Year!

I am excited to report that I am warm!!!

This, my dear blog readers, is no small feat. You see, over my Christmas break I got a facebook message from a coworker detailing the fact that my neighbor's father had run his van down our hill and taken out our heat pump.  Two days after Christmas... meaning DECEMBER.

So Jeff and I dug ourselves out of the foot of snow at my in-laws and trudged home in the beloved family car called the turd.  Not pleased. Not pleased at all.  After all of the idiotic things that we have happened to us due to the people we live next to, this is by far the worst.

After getting all of the insurance work done, we are finally back in the 21st century.

New Years was spent at the in-laws and I went to bed by 11:30pm.  I wish I had an impressive story about jumping a plane to Paris or a super cool party but its not so.  I have come to realize just how boring I am, and am a little saddened by the realization.

New Years Resolutions:
1. Stand up straighter
2. Clean my house before it gets out of control
3. Try to have a better story for next years blog about New Years
4. Book at least 10 weddings this year- first one is Jeff's best friend's wedding!
5. Don't get pregnant

Bed Time!  Another resolution... go to bed before midnight. :)

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  1. Posture is very important!
    Love you!