Are you ready to Neti?

For the past 5 days I have been sick. Sick sick sick sick sick. It started on Tuesday and is yet to end. First I came down with one ailment and while I was actively treating that, I came down with another. Yippee! This sickness is the one that Lauren got over Christmas. The one I so strangely refer to as "shark flu". This has created quite the problem in my training program. Instead of going to the gym, I wanted to go home and curl up, suck my thumb and have my mommy scratch my back.

We're close... get over it.

With the council of my both my sister and my super savvy and in-shape friend, Jennifer, I decided I should take it easy. My take on it was that I wanted to run. I wanted to be in the gym. So yeah, there is something wrong with me mentally as well.

Regardless, I just felt I needed to run, but knowing my mental capability I was certain I would run .5 miles, feel sorry for myself, and eat the gym.

So Thursday I rode a bike and lifted weights while Friday and Saturday I did nothing. Nothing but neti pot that is. Have you ever heard of the Neti Pot? OH my goodness. What a freakish contraption. Although illegal in most states concerned with sanitation, the great state of Virginia has been selling them like hot cakes since the shark flu struck. (It's not a real illness. Don't google it, Mom).

Because the Neti Pot (not unlike children) is better seen than heard, here is a picture my also sick husband took of me using this strange yet wonderful piece of not so modern machinery.

If you look too closely you will see a drop of snot-water falling out of my nose. Yes, thats the medical term for the substance. Normally the warm salt water goes in one nostril ('noscril' if you are of the Whitlow/Barnett persuasion) and begins to come out of the other side. The first time I tried it, I blacked out. But Jeff says that I was screaming "Oh dear God... I'm drowning" in a panicky voice. I doubt that.

So- all weekend I was dreading the 8 miles I owed the treadmill and realized that with all I had "going on" it would be best to just let that worry go. So when Lauren and I hit the gym tonight, I promised myself I would do as well as I could and stop when Lauren stopped. Thankfully she sprinted 8 miles while I wogged 6. 6 is better than none and I will get better. Oh yes, I will.

And if you are reading this wondering where the pictures of Colleen and Dan are, keep scrolling. Keep scrolling and God bless.

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  1. 1. You have committed a serious PIR (Personal Integrity and Reputation) error by allowing ANYONE into the room with a video recording device while you use a Neti Pot.
    2. The Neti Pot's instruction booklet is a mercantile work of art. So understated and matter-of-fact---but there's no disguising the idea of rinsing your sinuses with a little teapot, short and stout, stuffed into one nare, and the goop spilling out the other. Plus, the demonstration photo of the pretty model using the Neti Pot with the stream of water coming out of the off-side nostril is just SO feminine, and oddly alluring....
    3. Having used a Neti Pot, and having found the actual experience rather bland compared to the prior explanation, my only advice to new users is this: It's like swinging a golf club. Just relax and let the physics take over. All your struggling only makes it worse.

    Nuff sed.