8 Mile without Eminem

Monday marked a monumental day in my running life! Lauren and I ran 8 miles. 8 MILES!!! Well, she ran 8 miles, I wogged 8 miles.

By the way- whatever mental picture you have of me "wogging" is 100% right.

What I learned from this run is that the way you fuel your body has a HUGE impact on how your body preforms. For example- eating fast food to nurse your hang over is not going to help you the next day during your run. Let's just say I was running rull slow.

The worst part of the run was when it was over. Sound strange? If you have ever run a race or run long distances for the first time know what I may be alluding to. The extreme aching of your joints letting you know you just did something you body wasn't supposed to. The fact that if you bang your feet together accidentally you squeal with pain. Or the insane (how to say this sweetly) the running runs. The treadmill trots. The... you get the picture. BUT I tell you the runners high is almost enough to get you through it without rendering yourself cripple from the craps.

Next week is 8.5 and its only a matter of time before we do the full 10 miles! But first Lauren and I will be doing the Valentines Day 5k. I asked the husband if he would like to do it with me. I asked to be nice... :) We plan on making shirts and need help with ideas. Lauren think "Barnetts make the best lovers" is a little crude. So help us out by leaving a comment below!



  1. i think "Barnetts make the best lovers" is perfect.

  2. Or, "once you go Barnett you never go back." :)