The magic number for the next twelve weeks will be 2:39:35. That is the slowest time the ten miler was completed in for the 2009 race. I REFUSE to go any slower than that. No... I take that back, I REFUSE to not finish. I don't care how my cream filled innards have to move to get over that finish line it has to happen. An added bonus would be not being last. Eeeembarassing!

So... end of '09 recap.

Birthday- 2 feet of snow. Thanks mother nature. New camera equipment. Thanks Jeff!

Christmas- So fun! We survived the first married Christmas and got to spend it with both my family and Jeff's family.

New Years- May or may not have fallen asleep around 11:00. Jeff says he kissed me at midnight. I don't think that counts as consensual. Just saying...

Brad and Katie's Wedding- Jeff looked adorable in his tux! For some reason this wedding brought back BIG time memories of our wedding- which was almost a year ago. This was good and bad. I have now had 3 (count them - 3) dreams about doing my wedding over. In the dream I am actually knowingly doing my wedding over again. This last time was because I wanted to wear my hair down. And I wondered why there were only 10 dream people at the THIRD one... Even my dream guests are sick of me.

ANY way.

We have twelve weeks until the 10 miler! I say "we" because my sister and I are recruiting like mad! So far I have recruited every smoker and person on crutches I can find to join us at the race. I did mention I was trying to NOT come in last, right?

Over the holidays Lauren and I slacked off of our strict training schedule. Lauren was hellaciously sick with something we decided to call the Shark Flu. Yeah, its time to pick on another animal. While Lauren was sick I was... stuck in the snow? Traveling? Making up excuses not to run? Yeah, the last one.

The funny thing is is that I did not run for 10 days and I felt like I had been sitting on my tush eating twinkies, watching a TV show of other people eating twinkies for a month and a half. So in reality, we did not slack too bad, but boy did I feel it today! I am glad to be back and focused on 2:39:35.

Allow me to leave you with this one bit of advice. NEVER run in boy shorts. Ther gon gitcha.

Lemon out.

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