New Year's

I don’t much like New Year’s Eve. Never have. Other than not having great associations with the holiday, I am not drinking right now any—so, so-long, New Year’s (NOT pregnancy related).

I get way more excited about getting to write in my 2013 planner than I do about the ball dropping. In fact, for the past 4 years, I have not even tried to stay awake until midnight. Call me crazy, but I’d rather go to bed so that I can be a functioning human on my last vacation day until June.

Speaking of planners, I am SO excited about my 2013 planner. Last year my planner was given to me, so I did not get to have much of a say about it. It was awesome, but it was really bulky. This year, I chose the one I wanted, and asked for it for my birthday. Please allow me to introduce to you, my planner, Graham. It was inexpensive, but it is niiiiiice.

The tactile nerd in me loves the way the pages feel under my pen. It really is the small things, for me, isn’t it?

Lying in bed on New Year’s day, my husband and I talked about our resolutions. Neither of us are gung ho for  resolutions, but I tell ya, resolutions really are something everyone feels at least a little compelled to make.

Here are mine:
1. Clean up my language. My nephews are beginning to catch on. Yikes!
2. Spend more time learning. About anything.
3. Stand up straight
4. Blog more. Woop!
5. Be softer with others. Apparently I can be a sharp tongued so and so. (Refer to #1! I’m going to crush this.)

Happy New Year to each of you. What are you resolutions? Did you stay awake for the ball drop? How was Ryan Seacrest?

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