The Day I Smartmouthed a Drill Sergeant

I think I'll display unflattering photos of my half marathons for giggles.
Glad you could stop by... wanna see me jiggle?

Have I mentioned that I run with the ROTC every morning at 6am?  Well, not with them so much as right next to them on accident.  This morning was no different. Except that I may have mouthed off to one of them.

I didn't mean to. I was half asleep and wholly exhausted.

I think Mr. Drill Sergeant was wishing I was one of his plebes (is that what they call them?) so he could make me do 4,000 push ups and what ever other punishment he could think of. Or ask me out.  Those guys like strong ladies, right?

Just kidding, Romeo, I'm married.

Every morning when I see those ROTC kids out there, I want to thank them and also tell them that my brother is at West Point, but I don't dare.  First because I seriously  doubt they care, but also see above re: exhaustion.

Alright kids, off to wash the hair dye out.  Let's go blonde again, shall we?

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