Almost heaven, West Virginia

This past weekend, we traveled west, young man. And it was a stinking blast. 

Gorgeous mountains 

Foggy views day 2 and 3. Who cares? It was still gorgeous.

Cutie pies. 

The mountainside.

Where we spend 75% of our time. I still smell like fire. 

Love love love

Our cute little cabin!  Please pardon the trash can. :)

The 6 of us!

Boys being... woodsman?

I have no words for the next 4 photos. 

Day 2 was cold an rainy, so we went to Seneca Caverns. We had to wear hardhats.  And look like dummies. 

Daggum cuties

Frame worthy

Of course we can't take a normal picture. Jeff is head butting me here.  Excellent.  

Da boyz

Walking into the hole. Literally. 

The "grand ballroom". Commence panic attacks. 

We ate, we laughed, we napped and then ate some more. I can't wait until our next trip!


  1. Robin, you look so beautiful! Looks like a perfect fall weekend =) Hope you are well! I love following your blog!

  2. gorgeous photos, sister! also some creepy/hilarious ones of the guys/woodsmen. love you!

  3. This looks amazing - so jealous!