Richmond 10k Part Deux

Standing in the line to use the bathroom (I am starting to think I start way to many blog posts about the bathroom) I contemplated that this might be the first uneventful race that I have nothing to blog about.

That was also the moment that I realized that I had forgotten my iPod. :(  All the time spent!  All of the musical integrity compromised.  All for naught.

I shuffled to the start line in  a state of clinical depression. Maybe I could call Alison and Jeff and have them go back to the house and bring it to me at mile one.  Maybe I could trip this guy in front of me, steal his iPod and hope he is slower than me.  Maybe I could suck it up and just run without it.  I liked option one, but went with the third. :(

Two quick stories before I go to bed...

1) I LOVED hearing other people's conversations.  My favorite was between two sisters.  The faster sister asked the other if she needed to walk, to which the slower sister yelled "STOP talking to me!"  Remind you of any sister duos you know?

2)  As I got to 6.0 miles some RANDOM woman looked at me from across the lane.  I was running at a comfortable pace, but she apparently saw that I had more to give.  So she ran to me, grabbed my hand and said.; COME ON!  And so we started sprinting. I had never seen her before, and never saw her after.  Who has two thumbs and thinks she ascended from the clouds? This girl.

That's all from the Richmond 10k.  Stay tuned for stories from Pilates Teacher Training Part 2!

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