How to survive a power outage like a Chandler: Winter Edition

Didn't know there would be another version of this, did you?  Neither did we.  

-The power will go out.  That's ok!  Snuggle in your bed on this snowy day.  Enjoy the extra time with your loved one.  Besides, you live in the city. It will be a max of a day and a half before all power is restored.

-Don't get annoyed by the constant chirping of the smoke alarms that are no longer centrally wired, and are now begging for batteries.

-Eventually meander downstairs for breakfast, which will consist of oatmeal and cowboy coffee.  Be grateful for your Jetboil.

-Snuggle up in a blanket and start reading and writing all of those lovely words that otherwise seems to allude you on a weekly basis.

-It's day two, and no longer warm in the house. Pull out extra blankets and sleeping bags. 

-Forget that the sleeping bags are rated for 20 degrees.  

-Wake up drenched, and realize what you've done.

-Need light? Remember, headlamps are best, but in rare cases, make a minimalist candle holder. That would be one cup and aluminum foil. Don't cry, Mom.

-Reach the very farthest end of your cold/sick/anxious rope on day three, and sit and cry at your kitchen table.

-Start driving to your parents house for a shower.  It's been three days since your last one.

-When you see a power man, stalk him. Stalk him good.

-After learning your power will be on in less than an hour, watch TV on your iPhone in your husbands car.

-Laugh like an idiot when you see your porch lights turn on.

-Begin the heating up process like a champion.  

Now you know how to survive a winter power outage like a Chandler. And knowing is half the battle.

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