Jazzercise... it still exsits!

In my never ending search for ways to burn calories in ways that don't feel like working out, I decided to check out one of my mother's old favorites.  Jazzercise.

That's right. I did Jazzercise. And I didn't even have to use a time machine.

My friend Jennifer's mother is aaaaaaamazing.  She is such a sweet woman and is always helping me in my fat-loss journey.  Regardless, she invited me to ride with her to jazzercise at 6am on Monday.  That's right. 6 am. If you know me AT ALL you know that I am conscious for one 6:00 a day, and only one.  So I got up at 5:30 and rode over to my friend's house. Once I got there we jetted across town to the studio.  After signing in the sweating began.

Now don't get all pius thinking that just beucase I am fat, I was sweating and you and your size 2 tush would do anything else.  No no no.  This was a great class!  Most of the music is actually on my running play list.  I was so surprised!

At the end of the club-like dance session (minus male stares and shots of sugary liquor) there was a session of weight lifting.  This is what separated the women from the senior citizens.  I'm lying. I used the same weights as the 75 year old in the corner.  It was 6:00am!  Leave me alone.

Regardless, it was a fun and a was calorie burn. I would recommend it for all ages and physical fitness levels.  The only thing I don't recommend is going at 6:00 in the morning.  In fact the only thing I recommend at 6 am involves rapid eye movement, snoring, drooling and accidental flatulation.


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  1. props to you for actually attempting to get up that early and do something other than stand bleary eyed in a shower before ingesting a ridiculous amount of tar-like coffee. i applaud you!