Elias James

I am happy and proud to report that my sister gave birth (on her birthday) to my sweet sweet nephew, Elias James. Mom, baby and daddy did extraordinarily well and are now at home making memories. :)

While my photo blog is not quite up and running, and since the boy is family, I thought that I would post a few picture of him here.

Note: I bought a newborn crocheted sling... this was an experiment... don't judge!

First, here is a picture of he and his beautiful momma.

Little toes peeking out of the sling!

Lucky for Elias, his cousin is spending the whole week with him!

The sling was a bit long for our purposes. Thank goodness Elias' dad is an engineer, and we were able to make it work for a few shots. :)

Oh that sweet face!

The boy did such a good job letting me take his picture, but when I saw this face- one I had seen his father give before- I knew it was time to go in and cuddle.

Thanks Ali and Van for letting me play with your sweet sweet Elias!!!


  1. Oh my goodness - these pictures are great!! I love the first one with Alison and Julias. It is soooo sweet! Well done Beanie!!

  2. Beautiful...I am indeed weeping.

  3. i love these pictures! teach me